Frequently Asked Questions Concerning The Little GNU Site Preparer

Are there a any news concerning LGSP?
2007-05-17: Release 2.0.0
Litte adaptions for enabling lgsp to be used under UBUNTU and PHP-5 and the new utf-8 encondings
2003-02-10: Release 1.3.0
Some smaller ameliorations
2003-01-12: Release 1.2.0
Logo-Area now facultative.
Speficic colors for each aera possible.
Improvements concerning compatible font-sizes and -faces.
2003-01-07: Release 1.1.0
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I'm trying LGSP but I can't even change a configuration file! LGSP DOESN'T Do ANYTHING
Probably in your php.ini-file the value of the register_globals variable is Off. Change it into «register_globals = On». Be careful: LGSP is a development tool for sites and should only run on a locally used machine which is not really used as server.
Must I use the LGSP Html-frontend?
No. You can change the LGSP configuration file by any text editor if you respect the php array structure of that file. The site generator itself can be found under $INSTALLATION_PATH/lgsp/mat/lgsp.php. Its a php script which can be executed in this sense. Try $INSTALLATION_PATH/lgsp/mat/lgsp.php -h for details
Which are the content or target file which I shall edit manually?
For each submenu entry there will be generated one specific target file which is named like the id of the submenu entry. These files should be worked out manually
May I change the automatically generated frame pages manually?
Yes you may. But the next call of LGSP will overwrite all frame pages. Therefore you should save your changings.
Can I select an own background color or picture for each logo-, menu- and/or submenu area?
Why can't I determine the Fontsizes of the mainmenu area and the submenu area?
It's very difficult to find font solutions which are valid for the IE, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Galeon and/or Konqueror. LGSP uses an approximation.
Why is the LGSP-Demo so ugly?
The aim of the Demo is to demo and to explain the possibilities of LGSP. And therefore it must be an ugly patchwork without a special style.
Can I already visit sites, which have been (or at least: will nearly be) created by LGSP?
Are there any whishes which shall be implemented too?