(1) About The Idea Of The «Little GNU Site Preparer»

«LGSP» is an environment for creating the initial version of a site: You are able to determine the whole logical structure and the outfit of your site. You write your wishes into a special «LGSP configuration file», which then will be used by the site generator « lgsp.php». This tool generates and links all full elaborated framepages and template versions of all contentpages which together constitute your site. And for generating and editing such LGSP configuration files LGSP also offers a full elaborated HTML-frontend.

The aim of «LGSP» is to be a tool by which one can very simple and very fast generate complex sites without one has to be able to write complex html sourcecode. Here are some of the central capabilities of «LGSP»:

In this sense you may think of «LGSP» as «Little GNU Site Preparer»

(2) About The Reasons To Write The « Little GNU Site Preparer»

Once upon a day my wife had decided to use the internet. And of course she needed her own website. At once she bought six or seven domains, because all these fine domains were very important for her actual work and for her future business. During the next six months my wife found some other important business domains. And however when a woman finds nice things she buys them ... and has a problem.

But wifes have also a built-in problemsolver, their husbands: My wife had many domains, but neither content nor any imaginations about the outfit of her new site(s). But she had a fine solution. One evening I had been told that I had to take a holiday: next easter we would go to france, rent a nice little house for two weeks. There we would elaborate her sites: she would say what she wants and I would realize her wishes. That wouldn't need more than one or two hours for one or two days. And the rest of the time we could do what also must be done: snuggling.

This plan wasn't a surprise. The only astonishing point was that easter would have come in three weeks. Ok. During my next french days I worked at the pages of my wife. Not only one or two hours and not only one or two days of course. But that also wasn't a surprise. We have created three full sites with a menu structure which respected all her wishes. Then we came home and she had to fill in the content.

Six months later she began starting her "fill-in-content-job". And of course at first she wanted to look at the pages of other peoples. That had a cruel consequence: Now she want's sites with a new outfit. Her own sites were so old that they must be modernized.

At this point I had a problem. We could play that game again and again. And I am really bad player... but a better dreamer: That, what would help, would be a machine, where my wife could insert all her wishes and which would realize those wishes automatically. For the moment let us start with those wishes which concern the structure and the outfit of her site. Such a machine would have to have a formular to enter the decisions on the one side. And on the other side it would have to have a machine which takes such a filled formular and generates all pages of the corresponding site automatically. And whenever my wife has to redecide something the machine should be able to rewrite the site.

Thinking about such a machine the idea of LGSP was born.